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Justin Christou

52. Mito City

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 Mito City
20 minute's by train from Iwama takes you to one of the largest town's in Ibaraki. Mito City, is a city of nature, surrounded by water and greenery. It is also a city with a proud history, with relics that speak of a traditional, yet creative past, where you can find Kairakuen Park, one of the three great parks of Japan. This 13-hectare park has 3,000 plum trees of 100 varieties and with the coming of Spring, attracts crowds of plum blossom viewers. http://www.city.mito.ibaraki.jp/english/index.htm

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the founder of Aikido

Quote of the week

"If you want to disarm your foe, seize the initiative step in and cut decisively."

Morihei Ueshiba - the founder of Aikido